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It's a wonderfully nostalgic piece, Mason is brilliant as the father but all of the cast acquit themselves admirably. It most certainly is not a horror movie (Though predictably it was clearly marketed as one, which is why I always say don't just read the hype and watch the trailers, make the effort to read a little about a movie before you go and see it so that you have a fair idea of what to expect), its more of a character study, a study of people forced to depend on and trust each other in difficult circumstances. Yes, the story does involve a disease or virus of some sort which kills those infected, but we never learn the nature of it. Instead the movie focuses on the effect it has on a family and how they struggle to survive. More importantly, it also shows the inevitable suspicion and distrust that rears its ugly head when the family join forces with another family in order to survive. Therefore the tension is created between the characters themselves, their interaction and their inherent survival instinct. Once you realise what the intention of the movie is, it grips like a vice. Its a shame people could not just accept that the filmmakers were going for something different. Jeremiah Johnson - a 'man in the wilderness' saga rather than a western, with Robert Redford as a man who decides to become a mountain man, hunt for food and live in the Rocky Mountains. He's not very good at it, but soon meets up with experienced trapper Bear Claw (Will Geer) who takes him under his wing, so that he learns how to survive by himself. Things are complicated by having to avoid and sometimes deal with the native Indian tribes. The first half of the movie is fairly sedate, with Redford basically doing what he has to do to survive, but after striking an agreement with an Indian chief he is given a squaw as a 'gift', and decides to settle down and build a house in the mountains. A tragic turn of events sees this idyllic lifestyle shattered, and with Redford's character essentially becoming a kind of mythical warrior on a quest for revenge. Very entertaining if somewhat lesiurely, but with some incredible scenery and a great score. This takes place on an native reserve in the U. . A girl is raped and murdered and left dead in the snow. The story is about Jeremy's character, a hunter, and an FBI agent investigating the murder. There is a major social issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada so this is a topical movie for me. Very tense and gripping movie and a unique story for Hollywood.

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Arya tries to empathize with him, telling him two of her brothers are dead. But when he responds derisively, she loses all sympathy for him. When Catelyn asks Cleos Frey, who has been acting as an envoy ferrying peace terms between Robb and Tyrion Lannister, for news of her daughters, she is disturbed when Cleos only mentions seeing Sansa at court. Catelyn wonders whether Arya, always more difficult to control than Sansa, is being deliberately kept out of sight by Cersei for fear of what she might do or say, or if something even worse has happened to her. The belief that Arya is dead, along with the news of the apparent deaths of Bran and Rickon, is what prompts Catelyn to release Jaime Lannister in the hope that her last daughter can be returned to her. They use a map she stole from Roose Bolton to guide them. Roose Bolton sends men after them, but when Arya sleeps, she wargs into Nymeria who attacks the men sent to capture Arya along with the giant wolf pack she now leads. While they're on their way, the Brotherhood Without Banners comes upon them and coerces them into coming with them to an inn that's used as one of the headquarters. Once there, outlaws plan on taking their horses and giving the three children over to the care of the innkeeper, with the promise of paying for the horses they're taking once the war is done. Arya attempts to negotiate with them, hoping to trade their horses for a boat they saw outside the inn. The arrival of more outlaws scares Arya into fighting to get away, only for her to realize one of the new outlaws is Harwin, a former member of the Stark Household guard. He reveals who she is to the Brotherhood and they take her in search of Beric Dondarrion, who will decide whether to ransom her. Arya parts with Hot Pie, who remains at the inn, but Gendry continues on with her. In fact, Arya debates whether to kill Gendry once he discovers she is a girl, and the only reason she does not is that Gendry is armed and stronger than her. When he is taken prisoner by Gregor Clegane's men, she attempts to rescue him with Hot Pie, which leads to their group being taken prisoner by the Lannisters in the first place. During their stay in a town, another member of the Brotherhood captures the Hound and it is decided that he will be brought before Beric as well to receive judgement. Once they reach the Hollow Hill where Beric is hiding, the Hound insists that he is innocent of all the crimes thrown at him. But Arya insists that he is guilty of the murder of Mycah. Beric fights him in a trial by combat and loses to the Hound. Thus, the Brotherhood lets the Hound go, but takes his gold to buy food for the smallfolk.

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This field is optional and if set, will add or change the default template image with the one specified. This can be useful to make a generic login page look like it's branded for the targeted individual or organization. This field doesn't always work for sites that are already branded, such as Facebook. Submitting the API form here takes you to a download page, where you can now instantly retrieve your ready-to-use phishing source code as an archive. Any of the HTML can be modified manually once downloaded to suit your needs. In addition to fake login portals, PhishAPI also supports the auto-generation of malicious documents (maldocs). Currently, only Microsoft Word documents are supported, but plans to support other formats will be coming soon. This should be the domain of your API, which should already be set for you. You can leave this blank if you provide an Organization. This helps keep track of multiple projects in case campaigns are happening in parallel. The API will receive the doc, inject the payloads into it, and allow you to re-download it for use in your phishing campaign. This option (included by default) will embed the document with a 0 x 0 pixel which calls back to the API with a unique identifier which was created when you first generated your document. The UUID is used so that personal Slack settings aren't available to the recipient of the document. The document will attempt to connect over SMB to the API server. Note: For this to work, the victim's ISP and outbound egress ACL's must allow TCP 445. If typed in, the API captures the input, updates the database tables, and alerts via Slack. Once generated, the Word document can either be downloaded to be sent as an attachment in an email, uploaded to a NAS, or whatever else you'd like to do with the actual file. However, sometimes sending weaponized documents as attachments can be flagged by spam filters and antivirus. To avoid this, the PhishAPI also allows hosting your document so it can be called from a hyperlink. Using a new technique I discovered while playing with URI Schemes (another blog maybe?