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It Is a possibly could a and defeat four couldn't happen In real life. Story hY Hal sob bucolic, with a rugged father, a blind mother, an Idiotic son, an unfortunate marriage, a couple of murders and a Jail. Mr. Post's wonderful acting is known to your patrons and this is considered his greatest work. In the latest of her now series of finer productions. It is the most novel comedy with the most novel tricks in the most novel settings that you have ever seen. It's funny enough to shake a tombstone with laughter. SAVE 4 for the 9 August— 5 latter to DATES September— be announced later for TRIUMPHING AT THE at 47th St. It though far from The sanie under-. erfect picture. applied with a ivlng prlnciplfs. There is no story to this film, showing and a title early in the well, warns of this. Is absorbing powerfully some expected of her that It somewhat Bhe will contribute a clutch on the Bympathics and the crave for seeing A girl who knows how to suffer and more poignant woes than endure those which come of the aches of a village flapper heart- thrown down by the villainous druggist's boob son. No one is going to go crazy about this picture in its present shape, but it will do for the cheaper dally Fred. The name will draw, and those who come may not complain. The casting is good enough, to her a good supTerry Ethel Grey porting ctvpt. In the screen version the audience Is led to believe the boy is on the level and those really working in the intermits of the law are the crooks. It could have been made into burlesque melodrama had the plcturo been jazzed with comedy titles. As a matter of fact the even though some of them draw laughs, and even though Their gome of them really hit.

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One night you would discover something which you liked, The next night the same station would be broadcasting something different. It widened your horizons, both culturally and geographically. Where exactly were these exotic places like Droitwich. That fame rests on the fact that it was Radio Luxembourg which introduced a whole generation to rock’n’roll and pop music. For those of us who lived in Britain 208 metres medium wave was a very powerful signal, which didn’t tend to fade too much, so it was our station of choice. It was the principal transmitter for Irish radio and was my introduction to traditional Irish music. Athlone ran for over 40 years, closing down in 1975. Radio Budapest was closer to the mid 90s kHz and, as far as I remember, mostly classical music. AFN was the American Forces Network broadcasting to the GIs in Europe. A large number of AFN stations broadcast from American bases in Europe, (particularly Germany). Especially popular was Music in the Air, which aired on the full European network hosted by AFN-Frankfurt. AFN was particularly good for jazz and blues, which were hard to find anywhere else. Radio Netherlands Worldwide was set up with the assistance of the BBC in 1945, broadcasting from Hilversum. It broadcast in Dutch, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Arabic, Afrikaans, French and Portuguese. In 2008 it finally stopped following a survey that claimed that more listeners to the network were using the “podcasting” service instead of radios. Swiss Radio International transmitted from Lausanne, Helvetia. Durcan has a good line in incantatory verse and the stations lend themselves to that approach. He writes well about anything and everything and it almost seems that he writes incessantly. His most recent book (The Days Of Surprise ) covers subjects as varied as the weather forecast, the war in Syria, a visit to the GP’s surgery, the joys of retail therapy and wheel clampers.

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'\o such inridcnt, fortunately, occurr ed. Today we understandably view these things as alien cran, hut in 1909 and 191. T H E N E W C E N T U R Y POR TE N T S O F WA R This traumatic decade, punctured by rebellion and reYolution, culminated in the titanic and bloody clash or \Vorld \Var One, the 'war to end all wars'. Meanwhile the scientific reYolution gathered momentum. Albert Einstein's 'general theory' or relatiYity turned our notion or the U niYerse on its head. The f(wm taken by basic conceptions such as speed, size, shape and time was rdatiYe to where you were and what you were doing. Atoms were composed of energy fields in constant Hux within largely empty space, beyond the grasp of our normal senses. The UniYerse had suddenly become a vastly more complicated place. 1911 SEPTEMBER M I RAC LE BLEEDING This was one o f 1 h e first well-attested reports of miracle bleed i ngs. \ picture of' Christ in the French,illage dlllrch at l\lirehea u-en - Poitou began to ooze blood from the hands and the forehead. While scientists argued thar ir was just pigmentation from rhe pa int seeping out. The location of t he bleedi ngs was exact ly t hat of the reputed wounds of Christ when crucified, i. . on the hands and crown. Yet, interestingly, rhe 15 Septembre 1911 hands bled at rhe centre point. We now know Ji01n historical evidence, howe\'er, that crucifixion ' victims had n ails hammcred through rhe bones ar r he wrist as 1 he fleshy palm was too soh to support r he hanging weight of a body. Afier the priest's death in I 115 all these eiTerts ceased. Decembre 191l P O RTE N T S OF W A R 1911 1 4 APRIL lfRE M O N ITION OF D I SASTE R The Tita uir, lll l i l t in t h e norl heru Engl ish port or Li\'erpool and steaming liom Sou th; ampton t o New York, is probably the most i n bmous name i n marine h istory. For t he fi rst t ime t hen: was open talk o f precognit ion - the abil i t y to see t h ings before t hey h appen.

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His character, too, is raising an orphan son, and hires Aunt Bee to make life easier for them on the farm. Berry’s Sam Jones is so exceedingly nice and reasonable that Aunt Bee immediately becomes the show’s Eddie Haskell to Buddy Foster’s Beaver Cleaver. (He’s the older brother of Jodie Foster. The 26 color episodes in the new “Complete First Season” collection have been given a fresh polish and, for a 45-year-old product, look very good. Long associated with the exercise regimen, the Firm, whose sales reportedly have exceeded 100 million units worldwide, Tracie Long recently set out on her own. Her DVDs are targeted to women and moms, over 35, who share certain physical limitations and scheduling issues. In the almost immediate wake of Long’s “Focus Series” comes “ The Tracie Long Longevity Series,” which is broken up into 50- minute workouts. “Defining Shape” is designed to increase lean-muscle mass, focusing on the lower body and shoulders. “Staying Power” is an “interval style” discipline that delivers a balanced total-body challenge, concentrating on overall cardiovascular performance. “Step Forward” targets women’s legs with a range of motions and tempos. The workouts are intended to “ignite” a participant’s calorie-burning power and define shape, using high-energy, total-body-strength workouts and training exercises that combine upper and lower body movement to increase strength, create lean muscles and burn more calories than isolated muscle training, alone. In the original, Ferrell parodied an especially ridiculous example of a 1970 local-news anchor. San Diego’s Harold Greene provided the model, but it could have been based on any one of a dozen such pompous twits. (Ted Knight’s unctuous newsreader on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was modeled after the SoCal anchor, George Putnam. It would have been difficult for Ferrell to top the on-screen antics of actual 1970s anchors, but, because most of the audience for “Anchorman” was born after the happy-talk craze cooled, viewers might have seen it as pure invention. Adding to the madness were bombastic sportscaster Champ Kind (David Koechner), “ladies man” reporter Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and the incredibly stupid weather guy, Brick Tamland (Steve Carell). “Anchorman” returned a lot of money for DreamWorks and Apatow Productions, even if many pundits considered it to be little more than a particularly funny “Saturday Night Live” sketch. In 2006, rights to DreamWorks’ catalog would transfer to Paramount, whose bean-counters initially doubted the potential for a sequel. After squeezing some payroll concessions from core cast members, “Anchorman 2” was put on the front-burner and it’s done similarly well at the box office.