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Priming D. Raising Answer: A 18. Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine? A. Image file B. System file C. Hypertext related file D. The sampling rate, (how many samples per second are stored) for a CD is. A. 48. kHz B. 22,050 Hz C. 44. kHz D.

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You might consider STATEMENT as a bonus word but it doesn't jump out as a related word. Another low count of three letter fill and stale crosswordese. Across: 1A: Palindromic title: MADAM. 6A: Ashen: PALE. 10A: Interrupter of a bad act, on an old game show: GONG. Almost time to get these HUTS off the lake. 22A: Madison Square Garden et al. ARENAS. 23A: Variety of lily: SEGO. 24A: 1998 animated bug movie: ANTZ. Not crossword related? 36A: Pigs and hogs: SWINE. 38A: Etcher's need: ACID. 39A: Leer at: OGLE.

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MOST COUPLES: Cool the baby has gone to bed, shall we have a glass of wine. Will post some frame grabs in the next few days, so far impressed by the colour science of this camera. We wanted to see how far you could push it and still have useable footage. This is not technically a 2018 favourite item post, though I did get it before the year was over and on initial play it’s quite fun and I’m pretty impressed. A handful of people asked me about this after I posted it to my story the other day. It’s amazing hearing the stories of Blacks working in this field, and the blatant racism that takes place among the ranks. nd yet, as I think on Heavenly things, I wonder if Blacks should even be angry that they rarely participate at high levels in a field that, by and large, seeks to create a sort of “propaganda” which will change minds. hould we be upset that we aren’t allowed to “play” when the game is against our High Power, Yahuah. Once you win a bid or an estate agent acting your behalf make written offer to the vendor. His hands on experience product application knowledge are asset to customers. Write song meaning Type your knowledge till Goodo meter shows Awesome. As I listen to MISS PEGGY LEE throughout this Box her vocal sex appeal way too hard ignore and dismiss. Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Save my and in this browser for the next time. Up Bravo DrivesSome results have been and our var function if null try JSON rse catch return.

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If it’s post parentage reveal, then it makes sense because while Jon will struggle with who he is, he will in fact finally know the truth about himself. That’s never out of the realm of possibility with GOT. I got a few messages from people wanting to read it and I’m really sorry it’s taken this long to get it back up again. But here it is! ) This is actually the second part of the “More than 2 is a crowd” section of the series but since it got very, very long I split it up. Welcome to Days of GOT, the soap-opera where your captor turns into your lover only to turn into your aunt: Keep reading. Even the little baby orcs, in their little orc cradles? But rather what happens once the war ends and how does a leader approach the subject of the factions he fought against during the war. For real life parallels, this is a similar dilemma to what Lincoln faced once the civil war was over or Nelson Mandela after becoming president, even the allied forces at the end of the Second World War. It happened with tragic consequences in the NW, and it happens again in s7. He was so offended that Sansa publicly disagreed with him, and I get that it's because of his own insecurity and he felt undermined, but it never occurs to him that she wouldn't have HAD to if he'd discussed it with her beforehand and given her an opportunity to express her concerns privately. You guys have been sending me a lot of asks, which I love, so it’s taking me quite some time to go through all of them. Which means I don’t always go in a chronological order when answering questions. So if you see that I haven’t answered your ask, please don’t get discouraged.

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Due to the narrative framing being Portman recounting the events of the movie in a hazmat cell after everything has taken place, you know that her character's journey has resolved without her meeting her demise. So any scenes where she could be endangered lose their stakes, especially the pants-crapping insane third act (which, to be fair, is the only part of the movie I would say is worth the price of admission). It doesn't help that there's nothing to really think about the entire run-time because the characters are so busy explaining what everything is and why it's happening. If not for the aforementioned insanely cool visuals in the third act, I would recommend most people pass on this brain-dead acid trip. 13 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes Happy End (2017) Rich people problems: who cares. I certainly couldn't care less, that is, unless Michael Haneke is directing a movie about them. When acquainting oneself with the prolific Austrian director's initial trilogy The Seventh Continent, 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance, and Benny's Video, one gets the impression that, regardless of class distinctions, the fellow either hates mankind or can sympathize enough with any one of us to excuse murder. We're all one bad decision away from murder or suicide. All the bad decisions and circumstances that lead a person to violence should be indicative enough as to why. Haneke decides not to focus on the desperate struggle for survival that would compel a person to acts of extreme violence and hatred but rather the idle nature of modern life and encroaching pessimism that has spurred on so many awful events in recent years. Per Haneke's obsession with onscreen screens, Happy End opens with a 12 year old girl's phone video of her killing the pet hamster with her mother's anti-depressants, then there's CCTV footage of a structural collapse at work site owned and operated by her aunt (played by the always enchanting Isabelle Huppert). The girl (Fantine Harduin) has to go live with her previously absent father and his well-to-do family due to the girl's surreptitious and similar treatment of her mother. In their house she witnesses the disingenuous behavior of adulthood while Huppert struggles with the legal and interpersonal consequences of the industrial accident. Much like The Seventh Continent, there's a cute young girl meeting her demise due to societal ills.

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8, 1977, Kiritsis went to Hall's office with a sawed-off shotgun and took him hostage. He linked a wire between Hall's neck and the shotgun's barrel, and linked the trigger to a ring on his finger to prevent being killed by police. Kiritsis then paraded Hall through Indianapolis streets en route to his apartment, at one point taking a police car, all of it broadcast on live television and in phone calls to a local radio station. My friends would say I'm the most stable man that they know. Blair was only inches away from Kiritsis during his rant, snapping the picture that won him the Pulitzer Prize as Hall closed his eyes as if preparing for the end. According to Gary Haynes in Picture This, UPI photo bureau manager Jim Schweiker also was at the scene and claimed credit for Blair's image. Haynes says Schweiker was initially awarded the Pulitzer until UPI Vice President Bill Lyons intervened, concluding that Blair had the winning shot. Confined to a mental institution until 1988 after being found not guilty by reason of insanity, Kiritsis reportedly requested a print of Blair's photo, Haynes wrote. Kiritsis would have served as little as six months in custody if he had submitted to a psychological exam. He refused and ended up serving 11 years for contempt of court. Diana Oughton grew up among privilege and wealth with her family in tiny Dwight, Ill. southwest of Chicago, confronting a quiet inner struggle with her identity that came to a head in the socially and politically turbulent 1960s. As she went to college to study teaching and became an adult, she fled her family's largesse to take part in ever more radical protest movements. David Hume Kennerly won the Pulitzer Prize at age 25 while shooting for UPI in Vietnam, becoming one of the youngest winners of the award.

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Euron commanded ships that attacked Lannisport during the Greyjoy Rebellion when Theon and Yara were still chlidren. So he’s obviously markedly older and it wouldn’t fit with the timeline of the show. I remember when people like Pedro Pascal, Michael McElhatton, Gwendoline Christie, and Tom Wlaschiha (among many, many others I could name) were first cast, I didn’t recognize them at all. I immediately went racing to IMDB to check if they had worked on any projects I would be familiar with. Now, I count them among my favorite working actors. I had never heard of him before today, but I certainly have now. I doubt that was deciding factor that helped him win the part, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Balon’s long gray hair and generally haggard appearance may have been misleading in that respect. Years of stewing bitterly in his freezing seaside castle did the would-be King no favors. Patrick Malahide is 70, but I think we were meant to believe that Balon is significantly younger than that. We could go back to the over-used Chekov’s gun thing again. Why mention Theon’s uncles if we’re not going to see one of them. Just make him look and act older instead of some contrived rubbish about why Theon and Yara are the same age as their uncle. The fact you started with personal insults instead of addressing points mean I’m not really going to miss conversing with you.

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The authors found that the sensing and computing subsystems in connected and automated vehicles could increase a vehicle's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 3 to 20 percent due to increases in power consumption, weight and aerodynamic drag. But the operational benefits of autonomous vehicles, which include smoother, more efficient traffic flow, are expected to outweigh those increases in most cases. The study also notes that: Wireless data transmissions needed for onboard navigation maps are a significant contributor to a CAV's energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions—and the resolution of the maps makes a huge difference. Standard-definition maps result in lifetime greenhouse gas emissions that are 35 percent lower than the emissions generated when high-definition maps are transmitted over a 4G LTE network. The added weight and power demand from the onboard computer produces significant impacts. For the medium-size sensing and computing subsystem that served as the baseline scenario in the study, the computer contributed 45 percent of the weight, consumed 80 percent of the power, and was responsible for 43 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. Large, exterior-mounted CAV components can significantly increase aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption, potentially offsetting the environmental benefits of autonomous vehicles. Sensing and computing components will continue to be miniaturized and packaged more compactly; but in the near term, the size and shape of exterior-mounted equipment will have tangible impacts. Several caveats accompany the study's conclusions about the potential environmental benefits of automated vehicles. First, those conclusions are based on the assumption that the operational efficiencies of CAVs can lead to a 14-percent reduction in fuel consumption over conventional vehicles, based on an analysis of previous work by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. But if the real-world savings from CAV efficiencies are significantly lower than 14 percent, the environmental benefits are diminished or vanish completely, according to the new study. Also, if the onboard computers require a lot more power than the 200 watts modeled in this study, the net emissions reductions are eliminated. The vehicles examined in the study are Level 4 connected and automated vehicles, defined as vehicles that can operate without human input or oversight under select conditions. To try and overcome this, researchers are working with producers in Cornwall to create robots which can work alongside existing workforces and ensure any gaps in productivity are filled.

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There are a lot of fighting scenes in the series, and we had a great swordsman that showed us a lot of different styles of fighting. It was very fun, and it’s great when you don’t have to remember lines, so I really enjoyed the action stuff. I got the job a week before we went to Ireland, so I didn’t have time to do all of the training that the others did. He knew a bit of my history with my family, and I told him about my brother, so he said, “Just bring all of that to the character and really make the audience relate to the Vikings because they’re human beings, like everybody else. There’s such a myth about them raping and pillaging, and that they’re very simple people, but they were actually very knowledgeable and very curious, and they did amazing things with the resources that they had. They actually built three boats for the show, and we were just rowing up the rivers, in the middle of the morning when it was very misty. And then, I liked the fight scenes because you don’t have to remember lines. Gabriel Byrne is just an amazing fellow and an amazing actor. He’s happy with how his life is going, but Ragnar wants to have more. By being the Earl, he gets to choose where their boat’s going and where the whole village goes, and Earl Haraldson doesn’t want to go where Ragnar does, so Ragnar has to do it behind his back. He is one of the first people ever to sail west, to the East of England. No, it was great. It was a privilege, and everybody made it very easy. It was great to investigate that guy, who is such a courageous fellow.

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I? l probably be bacck again to read more, thanks for the advice. I’m satisfied to search out numerous helpful info here in the submit, we want develop extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. As a decentralized platform it enables an optimally inclusive monetary community, interlinking all digital forms of worth. Building upon the nicely-established enterprise model of shared workspaces, the Primalbase venture transforms conventional workplace rental into a new-technology community-based mostly ecosystem the place one can share, promote or lease out excessive-quality workplace areas utilizing Ethereum and Waves-primarily based digital tokens. In response to the Everipedia team, utilizing sensible contracts to record the enhancing workflow and store articles stands to create a very censorship-proof system. So let’s discover what an ICO is within the current cryptocurrency market. IBuildApp Basis (iBuildApp Network) builds an open source cell engagement community connecting cell apps with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Community. Sensible contracts and cryptocurrency transactions for any business. If the file has been modified from its authentic state, some details such because the timestamp might not totally replicate those of the original file. LEARN tokens characterize books you own so they’re property backed by the blockchain. In fact, I like many, imagine the ICO phenomenon is a component and parcel of the move to democratise financial services. Their proprietary A-DropTM know-how launches digital tokens to target audiences by demographic, buying pursuits, and geo-location wherever on the earth. Our preliminary focus is the international exchange market with a each day transaction volume of 4 trillion USD, the largest financial market on this planet.